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RCMCY Double Shelf-Hang Closet System with Cubby and Long Hang (Bottom 16" shorter than top)

Arrange a Space

$412.99 - $609.99
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Our RCMCY series kits are factory sized in 1" increments starting at 48" and going up to 88" long. The lower section is always 16" shorter than the model length selected. If a 48" kit is ordered you will receive one 48" and one 32" sections. In addition a 23" wide 3 shelf adjustable height shelf kit is included.

  • Each kit includes the following items in the same length as ordered: 
  • Etched rails: quantity two.
  • Grey powder coated hang rods: quantity two.
  • Thermo-fused melamine shelves 3/4" x 11-3/4" deep: quantity two.
  • Brackets: Shelf/hang rod brackets two for sections up to 48" long, three for sections 52" to 84" long, and four for sections 88" long.
    • One thermo-fused melamine cubby 34" high x 11-3/4" deep x 25" wide.
    • Two adjustable thermo-fused melamine cubby shelves 3/4" thick x 11-3/4" deep x 23-1/2" wide.
    • Eight shelf pins.
    • Screws: twelve to twenty-eight #10 x 2" screws for attaching rail into wood studs, and eight to sixteen #8 x 3/4" screws for attaching brackets to shelves.
  • Finishes available:  W=white, M=maple, E=espresso.           

Easy to install and made to last. Arrange a Space's patented closet systems provide you with a unique and innovative solution for all your space and storage needs. Created as a more flexible and versatile option for closets and storage areas than the common white wire or wood shelf/wood rod systems of the past; our closet products are easy to install, feature quality commercial strength materials and craftsmanship which provide a stylish and durable product with heavy-duty capacities that will last a lifetime.

Installation Guides:
48-64 Inches
65-74 Inches
75-88 Inches